At Aethos, our experienced team of advisers work alongside business leaders, entrepreneurs and executive management teams to build long term enterprise value, stimulate growth and nurture talent and innovation.

Our team’s combined expertise comes from evaluating, developing and, where needed, implementing, our clients’ business strategies. In every case, our primary aim is to achieve continuous and remunerative growth and careful competitive positioning for our clients. 

Aethos works directly with investors looking to source opportunities in overseas markets. Our team has a wealth of experience assisting clients establish meaningful relationships and networks in new territories and jurisdictions; identifying investment opportunities; and maximising revenue growth and return through careful project management.

At the heart of Aethos is a deeply held commitment to provide a thoughtful, flexible offering to its clients, tailored to meet the individual needs of the business. We recognise that what works for one company will not necessarily work for another, even in the same sector: every strategy we devise precisely reflects the essential truth that every client’s needs are unique.